In order to truly walk away from an addiction to pornography we need to be very careful about what we put into our minds. Of all people the former addict is more aware of this (having done the exact opposite for so many years).

Mainstream TV should be eliminated for a few reasons: 1) most of the content is hyper sexualized and will subliminally trigger a fall, and 2) it’s 100% all lies.

Did you know, that before leaving office, Barry a.k.a. Obama did us a solid a nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 mandating the media to report honestly thereby creating the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 allowing the media to create the narrative and much biased “fake” news that disrupts our thinking and since that time, there has been an unthinkable increase in the number of suspicious mass mediate “terrorist” events in the US and EU.

The coverage and discourse surrounding these incidents have directly paralleled heightened police state measures and calls for stricter gun control laws.

Every word, every image, every idea that flows over this propaganda machine is a lie, and the worst kind of lie. One that will lead us into the slaughter house.

Light on Conspiracies