A news story that caused quite a stir was Zoom’s decision to use your data for AI training purposes.

After a huge backlash, Zoom changed its privacy policy again and now states that no data will be used for AI training “without your consent”.  In other words, you might find a tiny little button somewhere to opt-out, but most users won’t.

Our data is worth a lot of money to the big guys, and of course, it will be used in every possible way as long as as we make it available.

We don’t have to use Gmail. We don’t have to use Zoom. We don’t have to use Netflix, etc, etc.

As a secure alternative to Zoom, check out Signal for your conferencing & screen sharing needs.

Signal offers the ability to build large-scale end-to-end encrypted group video calls.

It is only through good encryption can true privacy be had on the Internet.

Another option is Jitsi Meet.

Jitsi Meet doesn’t encrypt your data end-to-end ala Signal, but you can host the open-source application yourself.  By controlling the server, you can ensure that no data is collected, while data is always encrypted in transit.