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A little behind-the-scenes look at a DNS Query:

  1. → You type into your web browser.
  2. → Your device sends a request to your configured Kibosh DNS
  3. → The Kibosh DNS asks the root nameserver for the IP address of the TLD nameserver responsible for .com domains.
  4. ← The root nameserver returns the IP address of the .com TLD nameserver to the Kibosh DNS
  5. → The Kibosh DNSasks the .com TLD nameserver for the address of the authoritative nameserver responsible for
  6. ← The .com TLD nameserver returns the IP address of the authoritative nameserver to the Kibosh DNS
  7. → The Kibosh DNS asks the authoritative nameserver for the IP address of
  8. ← The authoritative nameserver returns the IP address of to the Kibosh DNS
  9. ← The Kibosh DNS checks the domain name & IP against website ACL
  10. ← The Kibosh DNS returns the IP address of to the browser.
  11. → Your browser makes a web request directly to the resolved IP address.

This is one of the tools we use.