Apple has developed a nice Parental Control system that will 1) tell you where your child is, 2) give you control over what apps they can install. The piece they do not addressed is Internet content filtering which can be resolved with a Kibosh VPN.

Remember, there are 3 sections that need to be addressed on mobile to ensure a Family Safe Experience:

1 ) Internet Content Filtering
2) App Control
3) Location Tracking

How to setup Family Sharing for App Control and Location Tracking:

  1. On the parents device enable Family Sharing and send out invite(s) to kid devices
  2. On the kids device(s) go to Family Sharing > Invites > Join family
  3. On the parents device > Family Sharing section:
    1. Location Sharing > Enable
    2. Send invitation txt msg to kids device (which needs to be accepted)
  4. On kids device Enable Location Sharing > Share My Location
  5. On the parents device > Family Sharing > Ask to Buy > Enable
    1. Send invitation txt msg to kids device (which needs to be accepted)

At this point, going forward...

  • When the child wants to install any app you will get a text asking you to say yes or no.
    • Example: Let's say the child wants to install Tor > they cannot do this without your approval. Nice.
  • Location tracking is done through the Find My app (default iOS app).

Internet Content Filtering

There are very few options available today to solve this problem. Kibosh is one of them, and arguably the best Internet filter on the market.

How to add Internet Content Filtering for an enforced Family Safe Internet:

  1. If you haven't already, purchase a Kibosh iOS VPN
    1. $20 per year per device
  2. Install the Kibosh VPN per the instructions (click on link > install VPN...)

That's it! At this point, going forward the Internet will always be Kibosh Family Safe which means zero pornography and enterprise malware blocking. No matter where or what Internet is being used - over Wi-Fi or Cellular - the bad stuff will not exist. 

NOTE: In addition to the family safe Internet enforcement the VPN also provides excellent security from hackers on public Wi-Fi, and ad trackers, and location barriers.

This iOS device is now virtually 100% family safe: the kid cannot get themselves into trouble, and you know what's going on. Furthermore it is protected from hackers, and malware. This is about as good as it gets.