I trust my kids and we have a good relationship, but sometimes they get a little distracted when deep into a virtual world. Hey, they’re kids and what kids don’t? When this happens however, sometimes I need to exert some “parental control”.

If you have ever tried to use Microsoft’s or Sony’s or Circle’s parental control / family features – you probably didn’t use it for very long because although nice in concept, it’s way too complicated, and it cost too much time and frustration to make work consistently. At least that’s been my experience.

All I want is the ability to render the xbox / ps4 / PC unusable until I get their attention. It doesn’t take long. If you have a Kibosh Router you can exert this type of control with very little effort.

How to put the Kibosh! on too much game time:

  1. Log into the Global Dashboard
  2. Go to Manage Device > Schedule Internet Access
  3. Choose XBOX from the drop-down list of devices
  4. Add
  5. Set your schedule
  6. Save

In about 1-3 minutes the xbox will stop playing games.

From the Global Dashboard you can quickly add / remove rules – from any browser anywhere.

If you schedule the rule with a 23 hour time-frame, it will shut Internet off immediately. Delete the rule when you have their attention and it comes back on.