Malware, malware, malware. That’s all you hear about today and for good reason. If you do get malware you can kiss time and money goodbye. Add to that a lot of frustration and anger.

I’ve been managing corporate networks for over twenty years and I’ve watched malware evolve into what is today a Rubicon of frustration from which there is no return. In other words, if you get malware it’s over – do not spend your precious time and money trying to remove it because you cannot. You might think you have, but you haven’t. The only answer to a malware infection today is to backup your data and rebuild from scratch.

That being said, I live on the net ten hours per day and I hit many websites doing research and generally TCB. I use Windows and I’ve not been infected in many years (although I have helped others and have fought corporate LAN infections).

This is how to remain malware free (and fearless) on a Windows PC:

  1. Use Kibosh on your Internet which will ensure your Internet is as safe from Malware as it can technically be.
    • Kibosh blocks Malware -before- you can get infected.
      • Pluse SafeSearch ensures most of the bad sites (the ones that are usually infected) will never show.
    • This is a critical layer of Internet security I would not be without. Use OpenDNS if you don’t care about content filtering (i.e. the eliminate of pornography and safesearch enforcement) which is what separates Kibosh apart.
  2. Use Windows Defender (free) to protect yourself from locally installed Malware.
    • Antivirus / anti-Malware apps work after you’ve been infected – unless you turn on their Web Filtering component which means all of your Internet browsing is being tunneled through their servers which decrypt and read the data.  This is a big no-go in my book, and frankly I’m surprised they have not gotten more flack over it.
  3. Use Ublock Origin (free) in your browser
    • The only ad-blocker you need, and essential to a safe and fast browsing experience. Next to the Kibosh’s Internet filtering this is my favorite tool.
  4. Common Sense (free) – never, ever, ever open an email attachment or click on a link, EVER!
    • The NUMBER ONE way to get infected with Malware is through email.
      • You could turn HTML off but for many this is a big inconvenience. However, it is effective.
    • If you do click on a link in many cases Kibosh will block it.
  5. If you have important personal info setup a NAS at home or use DropBox / Box.

With Kibosh protecting your Internet (and all devices using this Internet), Microsoft Defender (free) protecting your PC, and Ublock preventing browser ads + common sense the odds of you getting infected are very low.

View a Kibosh Router here.