We all know something is wrong with the world we live in today. Every aspect of our lives has been morally corrupted, or is being corrupted, in some way. We are literally being attacked from every conceivable angle. Some of us stick our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. Some of us would like to fight, but are so tied up with the chains of this world (job, rent, mortgage, taxes, etc, etc) that we can’t either find the time, or muster the energy. Some of us fight because that is what we were meant for, that is what we were trained for.

Craig Sawyer, a former Marine turned Navy Seal, is a fighter. He is highly trained, combat hardened, veteran search and rescue operator. What’s more, he is a man of honor with a deep sense of justice. He knows money is irrelevant (i.e. he cannot be bought). He knows each and every person is valuable, and he knows the most precious resource we have in this experience is a beautiful, innocent child, and there is no higher calling than to protect that child.

Craig Sawyer is man who when confronted with the evil of child molestation in high placeswhich he encountered first hand – looked around, and seeing no one really doing anything about it, knew what he had to do. He didn’t ask for permission, he took action, and created vets4childrescue.org.

Craig Sawyer on the SGT Report

Craig Sawyer on Operation Freedom

We need to rally around men like Craig, and his organization. Currently he, and his plugged in, and well trained organization, are making a documentary to wake up the American people, and the world. This documentary will shine a light on what the evil that has infiltrated the halls of power is doing. Craig’s team is literally taking on the globalist cabal…and winning. Please donate to his cause if you have the means. You can donate by spreading the word too.

Another way to fight back is to help us get Kibosh into every home in the US, and eventually the world. Craig can drain the swamp, but unless we terminate the water supply to the swamp it will fill back up again. Pornography is that water source, and Kibosh is the termination cap!

Pedophiles don’t start out as pedophiles. It’s a journey of a thousand pornographic photos. It takes years of constant exposure for one to sear their conscious to the point of being able to irrevocably hurt an innocent child. Pornography – hardcore Internet pornography – is how they get there, and allowing this into our homes, especially when kids are involved, is…really not a good idea.

Let’s get the word out. Give Craig Sawyer a shout – let him know you have his back. Let’s change the world. Let’s give our future generations a world without the insanity ubiquitous hard core pornography.