Parental Controls - Apple Music vs. Spotify

I have been an avid user of Spotify for years, and recently my 10 year old Triplets have begun to develop musical interests of their own.  The logical progression, for me, was to upgrade to Spotify Premium for Family which affords each family member their own account and individual playlists.  After using the service for a few months, I noticed a gaping hole.  Spotify does not offer any form of parental controls, which means my 10 year olds would have access to all music, including that with the most explicit lyrics. At this point, I decided to take another look at Apple music.  Each service is equal in terms of price, $14.99 for up to 6 users. From what I can tell, the music catalogs are pretty evenly matched in terms of the size of their music catalogs.  The differentiator, from a parent’s standpoint is apple’s use of Parental Controls.  If you have Family Sharing set up with your Apple devices, the process is easy.  Simply go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions on your child’s device.  You will then be prompted for a restrictions passcode, make sure you store this in a safe place.  Scroll down and click on  “Music, Podcasts, News and iTunes U” and turn the toggle switch for “EXPLICIT” to off.  Just like that, all of the songs with explicit lyrics are gone for that device.