Why Kibosh?

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The Kibosh Router is the culmination of over six years of development focused on one thing – producing a legitimate family safe Internet (no porn, no malware) and parental control solution without causing any disruption to our normal life flow. In other words, a sustainable solution that will always just work.

The hardest part is setting the Kibosh Router up after which you’ll never have to worry about your Internet again. The bad stuff is not “blocked” per say which implies restrictions, it’s simply uniquely gone as if it never existed. You can’t break it, you can’t misconfigure it, you can’t forget about it, you can’t accidentally turn it off – Kibosh just works all the time. You’ll forget it’s there which is exactly what you want. If you are browsing the Internet through a Kibosh Router there is no bad stuff period. The Internet as it should be.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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