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NOTE: Web Usage logs are only available for devices using the Kibosh appliance directly (not for Kibosh Cloud whole home protection).

The Web Usage Monitor is for reviewing websites that connected hosts are accessing in real-time.

Web Usage logs can be viewed from two locations:

  1. The Kibosh devices admin panel @ > Parental Controls > Web Usage.
    • You must be connected to the Kibosh device to access.
    • Data is displayed in real-time (as it happens)
  2. Your MyFilter dashboard @ https://myfilter.kibosh.net.
    • You can view these logs from anywhere using a web browser (or our mobile MyFilter app).
    • There is a 2 minute delay from when the website is accessed until it displays here

Web Usage logs will give you the following information about each device on your network:

  • Name / IP of the device
  • Website requested
    • Usually hyperlinked
  • The time and date when the a for mentioned website was requested
Web Usage logs can also be downloaded for viewing at a later date.



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