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Setting KiboshDNS only needs to be done once, but depending on your network design / setup, it can be frustrating.

Options if you’re struggling to get KiboshDNS to work:

  1. If you’re using ISP Equipment
    1. Follow the instructions we sent you and put KiboshDNS on your wifi router.
      1. ALL routers use DNS, and ALL routers allow the changing of DNS – except a few ISP routers.  If you are unable to get KiboshDNS on your ISP router,  then call your ISP and ask them why. Usually it’s related to the ISP not allowing DNS to be changed (because they want that tracking info).
    2. Do not spend hours on this step – setting DNS is a straight forward process: 1) login to router, 2) find where to change WAN DNS servers, 3) reboot, 4) done. If you’ve done this, and it’s still not working (and after rebooting EVERYTHING), move onto Option 2.
  2. Buy your own personal wireless router, put KiboshDNS on it.
    1. How much would you pay to avoid hours of frustration, $100 – $200? That’s about how much a new wifi router would cost you. Once you have your own wifi router, put KiboshDNS on it, then your ISP can replace their equipment every day but your Internet will always stay the same: Family Safe.
  3. Buy a Kibosh Router and simply plug it in, and never having to mess with this stuff again.
    1. Yes we’re selling our router, but frankly using our DNS is much simpler on our end. That being said, the Kibosh Router is superior in many ways to anything you’ll find at Best Buy. We especially recommend Kibosh Router if you have kids to protect.
      1. Kibosh Router will:
        1. Bypass ISP DNS blocks (which could negate Option 2 above).
        2. Block known web back doors (which must be done inside the firmware).
        3. Block Internet Malware.
        4. Give you granular insight into your network.
        5. Give you granular control over your network.
        6. Will immediately produce a family safe internet.
        7. Is easy to use.
  4. If you’re using your personal wifi router
    1. This is rare, but I’ve seen everything at this point, and it does happen, usually on older router. If you cannot get KiboshDNS to work on your personal router – update the router’s firmware and / or reset to factory.
  5. Cancel your Kibosh subscription if you have one and give up.

General Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Log out of router, then back in – are KiboshDNS servers still there?
  2. After applying KiboshDNS on the router >> Reboot Modem, Router, PC
  3. Test from multiple PCs
  4. Always go to test.kibosh.net

Please contact support if you have any questions on the above.


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