How to turn the Internet off using Timed Filters.

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Timed Filters is where we can schedule access to websites. We can also turn off, or schedule the Internet to turn off.

To turn the Internet off we will block these Top Level Domains (TLD): .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info <– Blocking at least these TLD will render the Internet unusable.

How to turn the Internet off using Timed Filters:

  1. Log into your MyFilter Dashboard in your browser, or open your MyFilter app:
  2. Go to Web Filter > Timed Filters
    • Set your TimeZone
    • Set Daily or Weekly
    • Set From: and To: block times.
  3. Under Enter Website to Block:
    • .com
      • Add
    • .net
      • Add
    • .org
      • Add
    • .info
      • Add
    • .biz
      • Add
    • .edu
      • Add
  4. Save Filters


List of all TLD


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