How to troubleshoot Internet issues with ping.

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If you suddenly lose Internet, or if your Internet is not working right you can use ping to quickly, and easily see exactly what the issue is.

How to troubleshoot Internet issues with ping.

Ping is a wonderful, free, tool that you can use to easily troubleshoot various Internet related issues.

Ping operates by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request packets to the target host and waiting for an ICMP echo reply. It measures the round-trip time (i.e. Internet Speed ) from transmission to reception, reporting errors and packet loss.

How to open ping:

  • Windows
    • Navigate to the desktop (minimize all other windows) and hit the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open Run, and then type CMD in the Open: box, and then hit enter. This will open a DOS shell in which you simply type ‘ping [IP or domain]’.
  • MAC OS
    • Open Applications > Utility > Terminal. Then type ‘ping [IP or domain]’
  • IOS & Android
    • You’ll need to install a free Ping utility from the app store.

You will want to run 3 ping sessions:

  1. Ping your router – this will tell you if the issues are in your home / office.
    • For Kibosh owners this is: ping
  2. Ping – this will tell you if your ISP is working.
    • = Google Public DNS
  3. Ping test.kibosh.net – this will tell you if Kibosh is working.

TIP: Start each ping, and leave them running all the time. Whenever you detect or suspect an issue, look at these pings.

1. Ping your router which is (see how to find your router IP if using a non-Kibosh router)

5jCb1J0mfvxBv3kmL9g+uD+jxMauYyR7y8pBkQwEiVUNhnod9Se3e0cffwiD7j4148Bh27QjwIfYv8BHTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHEVnTsCiHETv4BkeevSWiaVFIAAAAASUVORK5CYII= How to troubleshoot with ping.

If you receive a Reply from … then your internal network is good, and that is not the issue.

If you receive Request timed out ... then your issue is with your router.

2. Ping

9kdysGKnCQAAAAAASUVORK5CYII= How to troubleshoot with ping.

If you receive Reply from … then your Internet is up, and your ISP is working correctly.

If you receive Request timed … out then call your ISP because they are having issues.

3. Ping test.kibosh.net

ngGvXk+F9GNqmSOeLmkGBDCpxmH67zX8RfdfGOgvRb8UbfF7+Yr+4y8kYkN0oAuxMfoO97fQgS6EEJugA10IITZBB7oQQuzBvwCR+twvXImQVAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== How to troubleshoot with ping.

If you receive a Reply from … then your Internet and Kibosh are working fine. Try rebooting your PC, and all routers.

If you receive a Request timed … out then Kibosh is the issue. Reboot your ISPs equipment, the Kibosh router and your PC device and repeat the test. If ping to kiboshdns.com fails please submit a support ticket or call 888-727-3018.

Google DNS to run pings against:


Note that any public DNS IP would work.

TIP: note that the ping time=# is your Internet speed. The # should be steady, and low – the lower the faster your Internet is. Anything under 40ms is imperceptible to the human eye, anything over 40ms and you’ll notice the slowness. To see it in action, run a ping session, and then start downloading a large file – you’ll see the time=# go up during the download, then down when completed.


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