How to setup a whitelist only mode.

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Warning! This is an advanced option that will require effort on your part to get working properly. Once properly configured however it’s very effective.

How to block access to all websites, and allow only ones you approve.

NOTE: You can do this from two locations: 1) MyFilter or 2) KRMU (i.e. the Kibosh appliance admin panel directly). Both locations interact with each other, so you could create the rules on MyFilter, and delete from from KRMU.

  1. MyFilter: Log into myfilter.kibosh.net or open your Kibosh app:
    1. Go to Web Filter > Blacklist
    2. Under Block a Website enter one rule for each of the following Top Level Domains (TLDs)
      • .com
      • .net
      • .org
      • .info
      • .biz
      • .edu
      • ….all Top Level Domains you are concerned about.
        • Save Filters
    3. Now go to Web Filter > Whitelist and enter the site(s) you want to access.
  2. KRMU: Log into
    1. Go to Parental Controls > Web Filter Settings
      • Use ‘end match‘ to block TLDs
        • Create one entry for each TLD
          • .com
          • .net
          • .org
          • .ru
          • .se
          • …enter all TLDs you’re concerned about
        • Save Changes

NOTE: Whitelisting websites is not as simple as adding facebook.com to your whitelist. Most of the larger websites today pull content from other websites for load balancing / performance reasons.

Example: you want to whitelist www.cars.com. You would need to enter *.akamaiedge.net and *.cars.com into your whitelist before it will work.

NOTE: Always use a wildcard in front of the domain: *.facebook.com, *.twitter.com.

Troubleshooting tools for whitelisting websites:

  1. Use ping: for each website you want to whitelist ping the domain.com, and www.domain.com.
  2. Use the KRMU real-time Web Usage monitor located at > Parental Controls > Web Usage.
    • 1) enable Web Usage Monitor, 2) go to website, 3) watch Web Usage and copy the listed websites, 4) clear log and start over fore each website.

NOTE: A list of Top Level Domains (TLD). This is a dauntingly large list, and growing. However, by blocking .com, .net, .org, and .edu will render most of the Internet unusable outside of your whitelist.


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