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There is nothing to configure, unless you want to…

For over twelve years we have been perfecting Kibosh DNS’s filtering algorithms.

So that at this point all one need do is turn it on, and the bad is stuff gone.

You do not have to do anything like sift through offensive words, websites, or topics. Simply put Kibosh DNS on your router and the bad stuff is gone on every device accessing the Internet through this Wi-Fi router. Easy peasy.


Configuring DNS on a router can be tricky, and not all ISP routers will allow it.

Instructions to change DNS on your router are easily found by searching for ‘model + dns.’

If your ISP router does not allow changing DNS then you can purchase your own private router – and do whatever you want with it. 

Once Kibosh DNS is working you can then optionally block additional websites / apps if needed, plus get activity reports, etc. These additional features require that a Kibosh DDNS agent be installed somewhere. 


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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