NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender

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Any Kibosh Appliance’s built in WiFi can be easily extended using the NETGEAR N300 Range Extender. There are many different types of range extenders, some good some not-so-good. Kibosh has confirmed, and use ourselves, the N300.

For $30 apiece and simple setup it’s an inexpensive way to boost the power of your Wi-Fi. Click here to see / purchase the N300 off Amazon.com. However there are others that would work too.

How to provision the N300 to work with either the Kibosh Pulse or Router.

  1. Plug the N300 into a power source within range of the Kibosh Pulse / Router.
  2. Connect to the NETGEAR_EXT wireless network.
  3. The NETGEAR genie page should pop-up.
  4. Wait until it displays a list of Wi-Fi networks within range.
  5. Choose krn600.
  6. Continue.
  7. Enter the Password (network key) required to join krn600. The default password is ‘abcd0001’.
  8. Continue.
  9. Enter a name for this range extender. NOTE: Do NOT use krn600 or it will not work correctly. We recommend krn600_x, or something like that.
  10. Leave checked ‘use the same security and password as those for the existing network’.
  11. Continue.
  12. Close the NETGEAR genie page.

Now when you look for available wireless networks you will see ‘krn600_x’ which can be joined using the password: abcd0001.

Place the range extender not too far from the Pulse / Router for good performance. If you have any intermittent Internet issues then it’s too far away from the source. Multiple N300’s will work well just be sure to name each new Wi-Fi network something different (krn600_x, krn600_x2, etc). The key is that they are hooked into the main krn600 Wi-Fi network, thus ensuring advanced parental controls / network management features will work on connected devices.

NOTE: Any device connected to the new krn600_x wireless network will appear as directly connected to krn600 – this means you can use the advanced parental controls, monitoring, and network tools on connected devices.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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