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For existing Kibosh customers who need to protect their Mac computer(s) when not at home.

When you’re done, the Internet on each Mac you’ve configured with Kibosh Nameservers will always be clean, and family safe no matter what Wi-Fi they are connected to (in our out of the home / office).

NOTE: You do not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to configure this.

NOTE: These settings will stay on each Mac regardless of what Wi-Fi is being used, and must be manually removed to disable filtering.

NOTE: For existing Kibosh customers with a current annual subscription there is no limit to how many Macs you can protect with Kibosh Filter.

How to protect a Mac with Kibosh Filter:

Step 1) Open System Preferences > Network.

Step 2) Select Wi-Fi in the left panel, and then Advanced.

Step 3) Select the DNS tab, and remove any existing entries.

NOTE: If you can’t remove the DNS Servers entry, no worries – proceed to Step 4.

Step 4) Now add Kibosh Nameservers, and select OK to finish.

NOTE: This will overwrite any DNS Servers you could not remove in Step 3.

NOTE: These are not the complete Nameserver addresses – as a Kibosh customer you should already have these, or you can request them here (you’ll need your Kibosh ID).

Step 5) Now go to www.info.com and search for abcd1234 – if this Mac’s Internet is protected by Kibosh Filter you will get a Kibosh Success page.




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