What is the Kibosh Internet Categorization Engine?

What is the Kibosh Internet Categorization Engine?

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Although comprised of multiple technologies, a large portion of the Kibosh Filtering Service is domain blocking. Domain Blocking is an old school, but effective technique of blocking access to specific websites. So for example, if you want to block access to facebook.com, and you enter facebook.com into your blacklist, you just did some ‘domain blocking’.

However let’s say you want to block pornography from your Internet. This is no easy task because there are literally millions, and millions of pornographic websites. It’s as amazing as it is depressing.

Thus for the company marketing themselves as a parental control solution they have a mountain to climb in blocking pornographic websites, and there’s no easy way to do this. Each site has to be categorized and blocked, one by one.

Obviously no human could do this for very long, and remain sane, so Kibosh developed, over a few years, a proprietary tool that builds these lists for us: the Kibosh Internet Categorization Engine (KICE) which continually scans millions of web sites, so our block lists are 1) constantly update and 2) accurate.

Due in large part to KICE we have the most accurate content filtering service in the world.


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