Kibosh DDNS Agent

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Kibosh DDNS Agent

Download Page

Kibosh 3.0 ~

Windows 7,10,11 – 

KiboshDDNS_4.0.exe (updated 10/23)

  1. Click to Download
  2. Double-click to run KiboshDDNS_X.X.exe
    • If a previous version is found – it will be removed and updated.
  3. Enter your Kibosh ID (this is in your welcome email)
  4. Enjoy – in your Systems Tray you’ll see the Ki icon…right-click on it to access super cool features like Internet Troubleshooting. 
  5. Now when you log into MyFilter.kibosh.net, using your Kibosh ID, you can manage your Internet (block sites, categories, daily logs, SafeSearch Lock, etc).

Chrome / Brave Browser –

Currently being updated – please check back.


macOS –

Currently in development. 


Linux –

Currently in development. 


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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