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KiboshDNS customers need to run one of the following DDNS agent plugins to keep your Internet WAN IP in sync with Kibosh servers:

With Kibosh you have the power to shape your Internet experience with the ability to block websites, block categories of websites, block websites on a schedule, and whitelist websites. In addition you can choose to receive daily activity logs.

However all the a for mentioned features require that the Kibosh servers know what your WAN IP is. Your WAN IP is assigned to you by your ISP, and will change randomly (this is called Dynamic IP) unless you’ve purchased a Static IP (which costs extra).

If your WAN IP changes, and Kibosh servers do not know what the new IP is your web filter settings will not be applied and your daily logs will be blank (see example). Thus you need to install a Kibosh DDNS agent plugin, and make sure it stays working.

NOTE: At not time will content filtering stop (the blocking of pornography, antivirus, and SafeSearch enforcement), even if your WAN IP is out of sync.

NOTE: Only ONE device on your network needs to have a  DDNS agent plugin. It should be installed on one (or more) devices that will usually be on the LAN.

The Kibosh DDNS Plugins will:

  • Sync your account ID each hour with your WAN IP
  • Provide an easy way to access MyFilter dashboard
  • You can get the Chrome plugin here, or search for ‘kibosh’ in the Chrome Web Store.

Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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