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Two steps to protect your School / Library with Kibosh:

  1. Change DNS settings on your router, or DNS server(s).
  2. Install the Pulse device.

Kibosh was designed to be a simple, but effective solution to the bad stuff on the Internet. Post setup it should require very little of your time as it just works, 24/7, removing pornography, malware, and phishing sites, and nothing else. You will find no nudity on a Kibosh protected Internet, and if you enforce our DNS servers it’s a very safe environment for kids.

At any time if you have questions please call or email Kibosh support. Our support team has many years of experience, and they can help you with just about any technical issue.

Note: There are two parts to the Kibosh Internet Security solution:

  1. Kibosh DNS – this blocks bad websites (pornography & malware), and enforces SafeSearch. Kibosh DNS works on primary routers, or DNS servers.
  2. Kibosh Pulse – this adds the ability to block websites / apps, get daily logs, manage YouTube SafeMode, SafeSearch Lock-in, etc. Kibosh Pulse installs to your LAN, and that’s it.

Use Kibosh DNS now to make sure you’re happy with the protection it provides. In two weeks, after the trial period, you’ll receive your Pulse device which will unlock the additional features.

Start here:

Step 1: Enable Kibosh DNS protection now:

On your router primary router

Log into your primary router / gateway, and set Kibosh DNS on the WAN

Instructions on how to do this.

On an Active Directory DNS server set Kibosh as forwarders

Instructions on how to do this.

How to test Kibosh Filtering: from any device on the LAN go to www.info.com, and search for ‘abcd1234‘ – if Kibosh is protecting the Internet you will get a Kibosh Success page.

Step 2: Install the Pulse device.

The Pulse device will be mailed to you with a setup guide. Essentially you plug it in somewhere on your network, and once it has Internet access it will work – that’s all there is to it.

Step 3: Log into your MyFilter Dashboard to manage your Kibosh Internet Filter (requires Pulse device).

The first time login using your Kibosh / KRMU ID, and the password abcd0001. You’ll be asked to enter an email and password. From that point forward you can login using either the email or Kibosh / KRMU ID.

NOTE: MyFilter will not work until the Pulse device has been setup.



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