How does Kibosh block malware?

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Malware Blocking:

To block malware we first need to detect it. Kibosh taps into multiple public and subscription based malware, virus and phishing detection services which are combined with our proprietary Internet categorization engine to produce highly accurate, and constantly evolving Malware block lists.

We also maintain our own lists contributed by our users. The end result is a critical layer of internet malware protection that no one should be without.

Malware definitions are updated daily and you receive these instantly.

Kibosh will detect malware:

The most accurate method of detection malware infection is to see a log of your Internet activity.  Malware infection(s) will display obvious Internet access patterns which you can easily detect using the Global Dashboard > Web Usage monitor.

Malware likes to hide out on your PC, but what it cannot hide is it’s attempts to “phone home” to cloud based control servers. Kibosh will detect this and then you can take the appropriate action.

Web based vs locally installed:

Kibosh blocks the malware before you get infected. Locally installed malware removes the malware after the fact (hopefully).

Kibosh’s Malware blocking works at the gateway to the Internet and so ALL DEVICES are protected instead of just the ones that you can install software on.

NOTE: many offer you a ‘web filter’ component – this is not advised, please see this for why.


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