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Kibosh DNS will work on any Wi-Fi router

All wireless routers use DNS to find websites.

DNS happens before we access any website / service / app.

Kibosh DNS is a specially crafted DNS, that works just like any other DNS, but it does not allow pornography or malware.

DNS on all Wi-Fi routers is two sets of numbers. You take Kibosh’s numbers (revealed after signing up for the trial, cancel anytime), log into your wireless router, enter them under DNS servers, and hit save. Reboot.

At that point your Internet will be family safe on every device using that Wi-Fi router, no additional software needs to be installed anywhere. 


Some ISP provided Wi-Fi routers will NOT allow changing DNS. To resolve purchase your own Wi-Fi router, and then do whatever you want with it, like change the DNS.

Kibosh DNS works immediately

Kibosh DNS has been designed to block nothing but pornography and malware, and enforce SafeSearch.

Once applied to your wireless router the Internet will be immediately family safe on all devices. 

This makes Kibosh DNS easy to test giving you plenty of time to try before you buy.

Once Kibosh DNS is in place, you can optionally enable the usual features like a blacklist, categories, daily logs.



Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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