How to whitelist subdomains.

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For this example we want to block access to tumblr.com, but allow mcupdate.tumblr.com (this is a Minecraft site).

  1. Log into your kibosh at or https://myfilter.kibosh.net
  2. Go to Parental Controls > Domain Blocking and make sure the tumblr.com blocking rule is not enabled, Save Changes
  3. Go to Parental Controls > Web Filter Settings
  4. Check the ‘socialnetworks’ or ‘models’ category (tumblr.com is listed in both) OR enter tumblr.com into the blacklist.
  5. Enter mcupdate.tumblr.com to your whitelist
  6. Save Changes

What we have done is moved the management of tumblr.com from Domain Blocking which provides localized, device specific blocking to Web Filter Settings which are global (i.e. these rules affect everyone using the kibosh network) but which also allows whitelisting of sub-domains.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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