How to save $ each month off your Internet bill.

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If you haven’t noticed already you are being charged around $10 mo extra for the modem/router your ISP gave you.

You can however, buy your own modem and tell them to take theirs back and stop charging you.

How to replace your ISP modem with your own:

  1. First you need to know what type of Internet you have: cable, DSL or Fiber?
  2. Then go to Amazon.com, or NewEgg.com and search for ‘cable modem‘, ‘DSL modem‘, ‘xfinity modem‘ etc.
  3. Read the reviews and pick one you like.
  4. With new modem in hand – install it and call your ISP and tell them you have a new modem. They will reset your equipment and viola the new modem will be online.
  5. Ask them how to return their modem. I know with Comcast you can take the modem to any USPS store and they’ll return it for you.

Your Kibosh Router will then go in front of your new modem.

NOTE: if you are a Kibosh customer in good standing you can contact support for assistance.



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