How to enable Kibosh on Gargoyle.

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Gargoyle is a polished, intuitive interface for small, widely available routers like Linksys, Asus, Netgear, etc. It provides functionality and customizability – far above and beyond – what the default software provides including sophisticated quality of service, and bandwidth monitoring tools:

  • Unlimited Device Protection.
  • No software.
  • Full Kibosh Pro features (see Feature Matrix).
  • Remote web filter management.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring and Quotas.
  • Manage in-bound, and out-bound firewall ports.

Gargoyle is free to use.

Starting in version 1.9.2 the Gargoyle firmware has a Kibosh DDNS option which can be used to easily enforce the Kibosh filtering service just like the Kibosh Router.

Upgrading to Gargoyle is easy for most router: 1) download Gargoyle firmware, 2) log into your router, 3) upgrade firmware. Exact upgrade instructions will be listed at the Gargoyle firmware download page.

How to enable Kibosh on Gargoyle:

  1. Flash your router with Gargoyle firmware version 1.9.2 and up.
  2. Once logged in, go to Connection > Dynamic DNS
    1. User Name = your Kibosh ID.
    2. Check Interval = how often your WAN IP is checked for any change.
    3. Force Update Interval = forces an update of your WAN IP with Kibosh servers. Leave this or shorten it.
  3. Add DDNS Service
  4. Save Changes
  5. Go to Connection > Basic
    1. Local Network / LAN
      1. DNS Servers: Custom DNS Servers
        1. Add both Kibosh DNS servers
        2. Select “Force Clients To Use Router DNS Servers”
    2. Save Changes

At this point your network should be protected by Kibosh Cloud filtering service. You can confirm this going to www.info.com and searching for abcd1234. If Kibosh is working you’ll receive a Kibosh Success message.


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