How to find a device IP and MAC address.

How to find a device IP and MAC address.

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How to find the IP and MAC address of any device connected to your Kibosh router.

  1. Log into your Kibosh at
  2. Go to Status > Connected Hosts
    • Current DHCP Leases: when a device joins the Kibosh router’s network it will request an IP address via DHCP. This section will tell you what devices have received an IP from your Kibosh. Devices listed here may or may not be currently connected to the Kibosh.
      • Hostname: name of device.
      • Host IP: the IP address given to the device by the Kibosh. This number will change unless you configure static name to IP mappings via DHCP here.
      • Host MAC: this is the MAC address of the device. This number is set by the device’s manufacturer and will never change. You can use this number in lieu of IPs when creating device specific rules.
      • Lease Expires: how long the IP given by the Kibosh will be assigned to that device.
      • NOTE: you can manage DHCP assigned IPs, hostname and lease time here.
    • Connected Wireless Hosts: currently connected wireless devices.
    • Hosts With Active Connections: all devices, including wireless, currently connected to your Kibosh router.

TIP: When scheduling a rule, let’s say an Internet time restriction for example, using the MAC address of the device is advised because the MAC will not change. The Host IP shouldn’t change either, but there is that possibility because that’s how DHCP works.


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