Do I still need to pay for antivirus / malware software?

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These days it’s a good idea to have multiple layers of security because no single solution is 100% effective.

Kibosh is an Internet Security filter that blocks malware and virus infected websites before you can land on them and get infected, and without having to install any software. It’s the best form of anti-malware / virus protection available today that works on mobile too.

Kibosh + Common Sense = safe Internet experience.

Kibosh Antivirus

Locally installed malware apps can sometimes cause more problems than they solve, but if you feel the need then better safe than sorry. However, a couple of caveats:

Be advised that nothing is free – if you are using free software ask yourself this question “how are they paying for this?” because even the simplest piece of software needs persistent effort to maintain, and anti-malware is not simple software.

Many of these security type apps will, without your knowledge, send all your Internet browsing activity through their servers where they will decrypt and search everything. This feature is usually called ‘web security’ or ‘internet security’ with little details on exactly what it does. Turn it off.

In summary software based malware solutions will hopefully work by detecting malware attempting to install from an infected website or after you’ve been infected. Kibosh works before you can get infected.

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