Connected Hosts

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Connected Hosts

Quickly see what is connected to your Kibosh Router.

NOTE: When you first install your Kibosh Router many devices will show (unknown) for sometimes many hours. This is due to the nature of DHCP and each device will register with the Kibosh Router at different times. You can expedite this registration process by restarting the device.

3 columns:
  • NAME = friendly identifier (this can be changed in Device Naming)
  • IP = TCP/IP address used to communicate over the LAN (this # can be changed in Device Naming)
  • MAC = hard coded Ethernet card # (this # cannot be modified)

3 sections:
  1. Current DHCP Leases
    • Devices that have been assigned an IP address by the Kibosh Router’s DHCP server.
    • This does not necessarily means the device is currently powered on or connected – it just means at some point in the recent past this device was given an IP, i.e. it was connected.
  2. Connected Wireless Hosts
    • Wireless devices currently connected
  3. Hosts with Active Connections
    • All devices currently connected
      • Unknown = devices that are connected to the Kibosh Router, but have not registered yet:
        • You can either wait and eventually they will show up with a Name, or you can restart the device to force the registration. Once registered they will always show with Name.

Explanation: Every computing device that can access the Internet will be connected to this router and it will show up on this page. Most of the time you’ll know what the device is by name, but sometimes you’ll need to do some sleuthing to find it which can be a hassle, so you’ll probably only want to do this once. Head over to Device Naming is where you can assign a friendly name to devices for easier identification.


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