How to change your router DNS.

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How to change your routers DNS settings:

  1. Get the IP address of your existing router (i.e., the gateway to the Internet), and type this IP into your browsers URL bar to gain access your modem/routers Admin Panel. How to do this:
    1. Watch this quick video.
    2. Or, manual Instructions:
      1. Check underneath your router, sometimes the Admin Panel address is listed there.
      2. Second, type each one of these into your browser – if you get a login screen that’s it:
      3. Third, if you still haven’t found your modem/router login, do a Google search for your ‘[router model] admin login’.
  2. Once you have logged into your router’s Admin Panel – look for DNS server settings, and change them.
    1. Look for ‘WAN / Internet Connection settings’.
    2. Scan for the letters DNS and / or Nameservers next to a field which allows two or three sets of numbers.
      1. These are usually found under advanced settings, or advanced networking, or WAN config.
    3. Go to https://KiboshFilter.com > Support > Knowledgebase and search your router model.
    4. Ask Google using “router model + change DNS
    5. Download this remote support agent, and call Kibosh Support at 888-727-3018
  3. Verify Filtering: go to info.com and search for abcd1234. If the Kibosh filtering service is working, you’ll get a Kibosh Filtering Success page.

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