Can I use additional access points / routers?

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Yes, and as long as the Kibosh Router is last in line to the Internet, all downstream device networks will have the same Internet protection.

Good Example: PC —> [Wireless AP]—>[Wireless AP]—>[Kibosh Wireless Router]—> [Modem]—> WWW

Good Example: PC —> [Wireless AP]—>[VPN Router]—>[Kibosh Wireless Router]—> [Modem]—> WWW

In the good examples all downstream devices flow through the Kibosh Router thus ensures the Internet is clean.

Bad Example: PC —> [Kibosh Wireless Router]—> [Wireless Router] —> [Modem]—> WWW

In the bad example the second Wireless Router would have unprotected Internet. Maybe that’s what you want but just be aware.

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