How to protect Android with Kibosh 2.0

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How to install the Kibosh VPN:

Step 1: On your Android device install the OpenVPN Connect app.

Step 2: Download the Android VPN profile from the URL you received in the email we sent you, on the Android device.

  1. Open your KiboshFilter.com/USERID and enter your password
  2. Choose ‘continue to website’
  3. Choose Direct Download on the DropBox page > Download
  4. Open 
  5. Yes to Import .ovpn profile into OpenVPN

Step 3: Enter your Username in all CAPS (as written in your welcome email)

Example: JDOE1A

Step 4: Check Save Password and enter: abcd0001

Step 5: Connect after import > Tap ADD (top right corner)

NOTE: if it fails to connect double check your Username & Password.

At this point the VPN should be CONNECTED.

Step 11: Go to https://test.kibosh.net > you should get the Success Page.

The Internet on this Android device is now Kibosh safe!! 

Step 12: Go into phone Settings > More > VPN > OpenVPN Connect Settings > enable Always-on VPN

⇒ Proceed to the next section to layer on parental control security.

How to install Smart App Lock

  • Smart App Lock will prevent the VPN from being disabled, and apps from being installed without approval. 

Step 1: Install Smart AppLock from app store (free) by ThinkYeah Mobile

Step 2: Open > Start To Use

Step 3: Enable the following:

OpenVPN Connected

(optional) Settings (to prevent removing Kibosh VPN)

(optional) Google Play Store (to prevent installing new apps)

Step 4: Draw a security pattern

Step 5: Enable Smart AppLock > Permit usage access

Step 6: Draw security pattern to confirm

Step 7: Close and then re-open Smart AppLock > Grant permission > Permit Drawing over other apps

Step 8: Close and then re-open Smart AppLock > Set the security Question 

At this point when you open Smart AppLock under the App section you should see OpenVPN Connect, Google Play Store, and Settings.

Step 9: Smart AppLock > System > enable Install/Uninstall

Step 10: Tap the gear icon in top right corner of Smart AppLock home page

Step 11: Just FYI these settings are here – maybe turn on Hide Pattern Path.

Step 12: Now go to device home screen and tap to open OpenVPN Connect > you should have to enter the unlock pattern. Same with Settings and Google Play store, and any other app you want locked.

At this point the Internet is secured with Kibosh VPN, and it cannot be turned off with Smart AppLock. Apps that bypass Internet security cannot be installed without your approval. This device is family safe.


Security Features FAQ

How do I remove Kibosh VPN?

  1. Open OpenVPN Connect
  2. Turn off the Kibosh VPN connection
  3. (optional) Delete the profile

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Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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