Frequently Asked Questions

Is setup complicated?

Kibosh Wireless Router


Kibosh either replaces your existing Wi-Fi router, or it can attach to your existing Wi-Fi router (and then you turn off the old Wi-Fi...everyone uses the new Wi-Fi (which you can rename to the old Wi-Fi name)).

Kibosh DNS


Kibosh DNS requires a bit more effort to setup - you'll need to log into your existing Wi-Fi router which can be tricky for some. There are many guides on the internet, including ours

Once you've logged into your Wi-Fi router, you will change the DNS server settings. Save changes. Viola, your internet on every device is now family safe. 

Kibosh VPN


You simply click on a link and tap a few 'install' 'next' 'done' pop-ups, and that's it. The VPN will A) ensure a family safe Internet at all times, B) block hackers, and C) block trackers. 

Will Kibosh work with my Internet?


The Kibosh Router will work with all Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. 

Kibosh DNS will work with all ISP around the world. 

Kibosh VPN will work on all iOS and Android devices and protect the internet anywhere in the world, on any data provider.

How good is the wireless range on the Kibosh Router?

It has 3 external 2.4 & 5 GHz antennas that will give you around 3,000 sq ft range.

If you find you still need more range, traditional range extender(s) can be easily added (more info here).

Does Kibosh require a lot of work to maintain?


Kibosh was designed to be a hands-off solution to a tough problem we all have.  

Any solution to this problem that requires constant effort to maintain, is doomed to failure and is therefor, unsustainable. 

Kibosh as easy as flipping an on/off switch (post setup).

Will Kibosh slow down my Internet?

No, and we've spent years making it so. 

There are three pieces to the Kibosh family safe internet solution that could impact internet speed:

1) internet content filtering - the art of removing the bad stuff from the good which produces the family safe internet. 

2) hardware, i.e., the router - all internet traffic flows through the router. If you have A) a slow router, and / or B) poor network design (i.e., multiple routers improperly chained) this can impact internet performance. 

3) VPN - all internet traffic flows through the VPN, i.e., your packets must flow through an additional route to get to their destination.

In regards to #1: No, Kibosh uniquely offloads the processor & memory intensive internet content filtering onto clusters of servers in the cloud. This produces a seamless family safe internet experience for all Kibosh products. 

In regards to #2: The Kibosh Router has the latest in Wi-Fi technology (A/C, 5 Ghz), and Gigabit LAN/WAN ports. So, the hardware specs are enterprise grade and should not impact internet speed (assuming it was setup correctly).

In regards to #3: In general the Kibosh VPN will not slow your Internet down, but a VPN is a serious layer of security and software to boot. 

If there is a hit to your speed tests post Kibosh introduction, has your internet experience changed? That is the real test. 

Does Kibosh work on my mobile device?

Yes. Kibosh Mobile VPN will ensure the Internet is always family safe on Android, iOS, and Windows. No matter what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).

Included are step by step instructions for full parental control.

Does kibosh have a report feature to see if someone is trying to search for something inappropriate?

On a Kibosh internet - there is no porn and a search for anything related to pornography simply will not work!

Therefor, there is no need for any override or reporting features (that will break anyway and cause more issues). 

Note that on a Kibosh Router you can see what any device on your network is doing, in real-time (i.e., you can watch a device and see what websites are being accessed as they are opened..) or historically.  That is how you know what they are doing. 

Does Kibosh work in Incognito Mode?

Yes, any browsers Incognito Mode or Private Browser mode will still be Kibosh Family Safe.

It also works on Brave's Tor browsing tab.

Does Kibosh stop things like DNS over HTTPS, or browsers with Tor?

Yes, DNS over HTTPS as recently implemented by FireFox, Chrome (which is wrong) does not work. 

Also, browsers offering Tor like Brave does not work. 

The battle for your Internet privacy and freedom rages on behind the scenes, but Kibosh stays at the front of that battle keeping you and your family safe. 

What kind of support is available?

Email: support@kiboshfilter.com

Then login at Kibosh.net and you can monitor the status of your ticket(s). 

Live Web Chat. 

If you need serious tech help with your setup, schedule it here. 

Can I exclude device(s) from filtering?

Yes, you can easily add / remove devices from Internet filtering in the Global Dashboard.

Although you should never have to do this.

I have gone through Mcafee family, netnanny, Norton family filters. My sons have bypassed them all. Looking for a solution where they cannot trick or bypass the filter by disabling the service. Is your solution bullet proof in that way?

Nothing is bulletproof per say but Kibosh is as close as can be technically accomplished today, and most certainly superior to any software based filter (which are usually free like NetNanny - as it should be). 

Kibosh is a very different solution and to all software based filters on a few levels: 

  1. Everything we do on the Internet passes through a router (a.k.a. gateway) and this is the logical place to perform any Internet filtering (we believe). 
  2. So Kibosh does Internet filtering at the router  and there is no need for software to be installed on any device.
  3. Kibosh offloads the intensive filtering to the cloud using proprietary methods. This improves overall performance and prevents local tampering of filtering. 
  4. All devices using a Kibosh router will be filtered - if you have a Kibosh and the Internet is working it's family safe, period. 
  5. In addition to removing all forms of pornography the Kibosh also blocks Malware. You should not be paying for any locally installed malware filter software if you have a Kibosh router or Kibosh DNS.

I want to make sure the kids cannot uninstall the Android Kibosh VPN and bypass it like the other filters.

An Android device with Kibosh VPN installed, and then secured with a quality app-locker, is the safest device a parent can hand to a child. There is no way to bypass the protection. Also it's the least annoying (depending on how restrictive you get with the app-lock).

Detailed step by step instructions to do the above are included.

How does Kibosh compare with Disney Circle?

Kibosh is nothing like the Circle. 

A Disney Circle review.

If you are a Circle owner and would like to end your pain, drop us a note with your Circle's serial # and we'll give you a 20% off coupon. 

Do I still need to install / pay for local malware protection with Kibosh?

No, once Kibosh is in place (Kibosh Router, Kibosh DNS) all devices accessing the Internet will be protected with Enterprise Grade Malware blocking.

What's more, this form of malware protection (web based) if far superior to software based solutions because:

  1. Kibosh works on everything without software needing to be installed.
  2. Software based malware / antivirus A) cost $, and B) open you up to more attacks (malware apps are a hacker target because the malware program has FULL ACCESS to your operating system). 
  3. Kibosh (web based) blocks infected sites before you get infected as apposed to after (software based). 
  4. You pay one flat fee for all devices vs a fee for each device with software installed.

In summary, if you have Kibosh you do not need local malware apps (unless you're trying to remove malware - then they are useful. But a note on that from a seasoned IT pro - if you do get malware just rebuild your PC because you'll never get rid of it).

Do you ship Kibosh Router to Canada?


Usually the shipping cost to Canada is in the $30 - $50 range. 

Or just use Kibosh DNS.

How do I cancel my subscription?

At any time you can log into your account at Kibosh.com, and click Cancel my Subscription.

Questions from a CleanRouter customer (now w/t Kibosh).

Questions from a CleanRouter customer:

Q: My latest issue with Cleanrouter is that when the router is reset (either by disconnecting and reconnecting the power or during the daily reset, which I am not even sure why there is one) the internet becomes available for a short time before the filter kicks in. Has anyone reported such issues with Kibosh?

A: No, this cannot happen with a Kibosh. If you're using a Kibosh router and the Internet is working - it's filtered, period. At all times and rebooting cannot change that or even misconfiguring it.

Q:. Does Kibosh have a way to turn off the internet to specific devices? (Example: I want my PC and PS4 to have internet but want my PS3 to be unable to use the internet)

A: Yes, using the Global Dashboard you can control which devices can access the Internet and when.

Q: Does Kibosh have the ability to block search engines other than the ones that it can force safesearch on? (I mean other than blacklisting every one of them manually)

A: Yes, by default Kibosh blocks all unsupported search engines.

Search engines that are supported and thus will ALWAYS be in Strict Safe Mode: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex.

Q:  Can any aspects of the filter, like Youtube restricted Mode, be enabled or disabled for only specific devices on the network? (Example: Forcing restricted Youtube on the PS4 but not on the PC)

A: Not currently. If you put YouTube is strict mode it affects everyone.

Note however, that we've done testing on YouTube numerous times. Yes there is some sexualized content, but we've never found porn (although some of the thumbs will give you that impression). YouTube is such a big part of the Internet now, we recommend not going further than Moderate mode which turns off comments.

Q:  Can Kibosh block websites by Top Level Domain? (Example: Like if I want to block all websites that have a ".adult" Top Level Domain)?

A: Yes, we block most of those by defalt of course, but you can easily as as many as you like in your Kibosh's blacklist.

Q: Can Kibosh's blacklist block subdomians? (Example: Blocking "myaccount.google.com" without blocking all of Google)

A: No, because of HTTPS we can't do that anymore. So we can either block or allow access to the entire site. 

Q:  Are bad images and videos scrubbed from sites/apps like Discord, Twitter, or Reddit?

A: No, you'll need to block those sites and / or use the Internet Scheduler to ensure they cannot be accessed after hours.

Q: Do the Blacklist/Whitelist/Device List settings persist through the reset button on the router (I am assuming that it has one as most routers do)being pressed (and held down for a hard reset)?

A: Yes, these cannot be cleared because they exist in the cloud.

CleanRouter had an issue where it would all revert to base settings if the hard reset was used.

A: Kibosh can never be reset like that. It's technically impossible.

Does Kibosh prevent Brave's TOR mode?

Yes, with Kibosh DNS, Kibosh Router or Kibosh VPN, Brave's TOR mode will not work.

Kibosh Router or Kibosh DNS?

Should I get the Kibosh Router or Kibosh DNS?

Note that the quality of the family safe internet produced by all Kibosh products is the same: no porn (websites/search terms/images), no malware.

Whenever kids are involved we recommend the Kibosh Router for the security, parental controls, and ease of use. 

Otherwise, Kibosh DNS should be used by everyone. For $29.99 per year you'll have an internet free of porn and malware without any hassle. No need to pay for local malware / antivirus anymore.

In regards to Kibosh DNS - when combined with a DD-WRT, or OpenWRT router you can build an excellent DIY solution. If you are inclined to this type of DIY project, it can be almost secure as the Kibosh Router, but without the parental controls, or global management. 

Don't see your question here? Drop us a quick note and we'll respond.


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